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  • Here / Now With TiLLie
    Authentic. That's Tillie - who is well on her path towards world domination through her alternative pop sound. Her edge and confidence shine through her lyrics about love and empowerment through self realization. And, we are so into that - you do you, baby girl!…
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  • Here / Now With Charlotte Cho
    We don't know what we're in love with more - Charlotte Cho and her translucent, glowing skin or her content site, The Klog, where we can learn how to achieve that for ourselves. Charlotte put K-Beauty on the US map when she co-founded Soko Glam…
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  • Here / Now With Marawa
    Marawa captivated our attention as the ultimate one-woman show - she gyrates and dances in hoops and custom-made high-heeled skates, sometimes together at the same time! She's smashing records and collecting 11 Guinness World Records for herself, including the feat of spinning 160 hula hoops…
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  • Here / Now With Ashley North
    Modern moms really can do it all, and Ashley North is a prime example. She dove head first into the world of fashion once she moved to Los Angeles after college and now she's a staple name in the styling world, with A-list clients from…
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  • Here / Now With Cary Williams
    Cary Williams is a kick-ass fighter who caught our attention for being such a Boss in the male-dominated world of boxing. While she started her career by opening boxing gyms, she decided she couldn't run one without knowing how to box herself. She boxed competitively,…
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  • Here / Now With Katia Pryce
    Simply put, DanceBody Creator Katia Pryce is Badass. And her energy is infectious. Just by spending an afternoon with her, Katia made us feel just a little bit stronger, sexier and more confident -- and we hadn't even started a class yet! A Detroit native,…
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  • Here / Now With Angela Pham
    Photographer Angela Pham can't be missed at the season's hottest tickets like New York Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami Beach. With her artful lens, Angela captures subtle moments and fleeting memories within crazed and chaotic backdrops, and she is always in a killer look that…
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  • Here / Now With Pari “Dust” Ehsan
    One of the many reasons we love New York is for the endlessly creative game-changers that emerge from every square inch if this city. A true unicorn, Paris "Dust" Ehsan, beautifully unites two separate worlds - shedding light to prominent and yet-to-be-discovered fashion designers while simultaneously…
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  • Here / Now With Samantha Wasser & Ali LaRaia
    In our immediate gratification-driven world, the ones who stay rise above the clutter are those who cater to our needs on the spot - there's fast fashion, Instagram news feeds, and now there's fast-casual Italian food thanks to The Sosta. Creative director Samantha Wasser of the vegan…
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  • Here / Now With Becky McFalls-Schwartz
    Behind her chic micro bangs and big doe eyes, Becky McFalls-Schwartz is a powerhouse. As a protégé of cocktail legend Sasha Petraske of Milk & Honey, she stays so humble for someone who is one of only a handful of women leaders in the cocktail game. At her newest…
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  • Here / Now With Taylor Boozan
    The elusive world of fashion and luxury public relations is a fascinating one. What's trending one day can be just a distant memory the next, and keeping brands top of mind among fickle consumers is a challenge we couldn't even try to take on. With…
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  • Here / Now With Sarah Lee
    All eyes are on South Korea in the beauty world  – innovations like the cushion compact to exotic masks with 24K gold to superpower serums all originated there. KBeauty’s takeover of our morning and nighttime routines is largely due to Sarah Lee and her team at…
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